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  1. Choose programming that suits your interests and availability; it does not matter what base you’re from! 
  2. Courses and programs are categorized by Time Zone. Using the Filters tab, to search for specific topics like fitness or children’s activities or language.
  3. When you find an activity that interests you, make sure to view the details to see the streaming link or joining instructions.
  4. There is no need to register.
  5. Many of the classes will be available as video links after the live session
  6. Caution, these activities are unsupervised. Participate at your own risk.  Parental supervision and approval is recommended
  7. The Participant recognizes and acknowledges that his/her age, health status and physical fitness level are unknown, and it is entirely up to each individual to assess his/her own ability to participate.  It is preferable to consult your physician before beginning any physical activity. If you experience any pain or difficulty during the activities presented in this video, it is recommended that you stop and consult your healthcare provider or call 911.