View Facility Availability

Searching for a Facility to request a booking?

Click on the View Facility Availability button to browse through the availability calendar. To improve your search, use the left column to select the facility under the appropriate complex to view the availability for that specific facility.   You may also filter by activity type to enhance your search. 

After you have checked the availability of the facility and you would like to book; please click on the "Send a Request" button and follow the instructions. 

If you would rather search for a specific Time Slot rather than by Calendar simply select the "Time Slot" option under "Select Search type" in the left hand column.  You would then input your requested date and time slot in the corresponding fields that appear and click "Search".

All workout reservations are 75 minutes - the first 60 minutes the space will be available for working out the last 15 minutes is for staff to prepare for the next reservation.  Patrons are expected to put all equipment they use away. Patrons are also expected to wipe all equipment used before and after use with provided cleaning solution.