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Click on the View Facility Availability button to browse through the availability calendar. To improve your search, use the left column to select the facility under the appropriate complex to view the availability for that specific facility.   You may also filter by activity type to enhance your search. 

After you have checked the availability of the facility and you would like to book; please click on the "Send a Request" button and follow the instructions. 

If you would rather search for a specific Time Slot rather than by Calendar simply select the "Time Slot" option under "Select Search type" in the left hand column.  You would then input your requested date and time slot in the corresponding fields that appear and click "Search".



Arrival at the facility

  1. You are required to sanitize your hands prior to entry.
  2. DO NOT ARRIVE EARLY – You will not be granted access to the facility.
  3. Every time you enter the facility you will be required to complete a Health Care Questionnaire and Temperature Check.
  4. After the pre-screening is completed report to the Front Desk to verify your work out reservation.
  5. Indoor shoes are required in all workout areas of the facility.  If you do not have indoor shoes who will be refused access.
  6. Masks are required to enter the facility and in all public open areas.
  7. Masks may be removed while exercising.
  8. Masks are to be worn after the exercise is completed.
  9. NO gym bags are permitted in and of the rooms and mains area.  Please use the lockers in the change rooms.
  10. Familiarize yourself with the rules regarding social distancing and movement via the arrows on display throughout the facility.

Change Room Direction 

  1. Your workout time of 1.5 hours includes your change and shower times before and after your workout.  The time of 2 hours shown as booked includes the 30 minute cleaning portion of each workout session.
  2. Pool users will now have access to enter and exit the pool via the change rooms.
  3. Pool users will still have only 15 minutes after their swim to use the change rooms.
  4. Masks must be worn at all times in the change rooms, except when showering.
  5. Saunas are closed.
  6. Spray your locker and bench after use.
  7. Respect social distancing of 6 ft (2 meter) while using the change rooms.
  8. Locks are permitted to be used during your workout but must be removed at the end of each session.
  9. Exit the facility promptly at the end of your 1.5 hour training time.

Exiting the Facility

  1. Exiting through the front doors is permitted only in case of emergencies.
  2. The exit doors located by the Men’s change room is to be used at all other times.

Pool Users

  1. Patrons must wear a non-medical mask while on the pool deck. Masks can be removed once you have entered your lane. 
  2. Swimmers are permitted to arrive only at the scheduled start time time of the swim. The time scheduled for swims now includes the check in time. Do not arrive early as you will not be granted access. 
  3. Patrons must practice social distancing while swimming lanes and while taking part in Aquacise. Social distancing must be practiced on the pool deck and in the changing rooms. 
  4. Patrons MUST shower prior to entering the pool. 

Facility Booking Information

  1. Time slots available for Weight room and Cardio Slots are as follows:
    • 0600-0730 Military and RCMP Only  Monday to Friday
    • 0800-0930 Everyone Monday to Saturday
    • 1000-1130 Everyone Monday to Saturday
    • 1200-1330 Military and RCMP Only Monday to Friday and all groups Saturday
    • 1400-1530 Everyone Monday to Friday
    • 1600-1730 Everyone Monday to Friday
    • 1800-1930 Everyone Monday to Thursday
  2. Weight Room and Cardio Slots
    • Maximum 6 spots can be booked per week.
  3. Pool Swims
    • Military Lane 1200-1300 – Monday to Friday
    • Adult Lane 1315-1415 – Monday to Friday
    • Aquacise 0900-1000 – Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  4. Pool Slots
    • Military Lane Swim – maximum of 5 spots per week
    • Adult Lane Swim – maximum of 3 spots per week
    • Aquacise – maximum of 2 spots per week
  5. You may book either a Cardio slot or a Weight Room slot. When you book a Weight Equipment spot, you are reserving your spot to train on equipment in the weight room and on the track.
    • If there is fifteen (20) people in the weight room, you may use the weight lifting machines on the track.
    • You are permitted to use the Cardio Area beforehand to warmup.
    • Ensure after using Cardio and Weight equipment that the thumbs down sign is turned to down even though you have sprayed the equipment to allow for deep cleaning every 1.5 hours of each piece of equipment used.
    • You are also permitted to complete your conditioning at the end of you weight lifting session in the Cardio Area again following the direction in the point above.
  6. Cardio Area Etiquette
    • Once you have completed your workout move the “Thumbs Up” sign from the up position to the down position for deep cleaning.
  7. Weight Room Etiquette
    • Please respect people’s personal space by distancing 2 meters.
    • Supersets are not permitted.
    • Complete your exercises & workout in a timely manner and wipe down before moving to the next piece of equipment.
  8. Pool Etiquette
    • It is MANDATORY that patrons shower prior to entering the pool
    • Please respect people’s personal space by distancing 2 meters.

To cancel bookings open your invoice and select the booking to be cancelled. No shows will be tracked.