How to Register

Programs and services are categorized by season.  Click the season that interests you by clicking the Filter tab.

To get further details about a specific program or service, click the View Details button.

Once you’ve found something you like, click the Register Now button.

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Note: To avoid great programs being cancelled, you must register at least 1 week before the program/activity start

Public Access Multiple Rate Policy

Please note for programs/courses there may be multiple rates to choose from; please choose the rate that applies to your membership category.  To ensure you have the correct pricing please click the Memership tab.

Note that if an incorrect rate is chosen, your invoice will be adjusted and the balance will be due before the start of the program or course.

Frequent errors in rate choice could result in removal of online privileges or an administrative fee applied to your account.

Thank you for your assistance in the continual success of our online registration procedures.