How can we help you?

All inquiries may be directed to the Recreation Complex to be forwarded on to the correct department:

Recreation Complex - 613-687-2932 -

Alternatively, if you know which department you need, feel free to contact the Supervisor directly.

Kidz 1st Programming:

Recreation Supervisor Recreation Complex - Chrissy Slaney - 613-687-2932 -

Recreation Supervisor South Side Community Centre - Michelle Durocher - 613-687-2104 x239 -

Youth 1st Programming:

Recreation Supervisor Sarah Nault- 613-687-2104 x244 -


Head Coach Kylee Pecman - 613-687-2833 -

Youth Sports (excluding Gymnastics):

Recreation Supervisor - 613-687-2833 -

Fitness and Wellness Programs:

Recreation Complex - 613-687-2932 -

Garrison Clubs:

Recreation Coordinator Bailey Hartnell - 613-687-2833 -


Recreation Coordinator Marie Lemelin- 613-687-5511 x5305 -

Recreation Facility Bookings:

Recreation Facility Supervisor Pat Desormeaux - 613-687-5511 x2820 -

If you do not see what you're looking for, or you're unsure who to contact, feel free to direct your inquiry to the Recreation Complex by calling 613-687-2932, or emailing

For more information: