Here is our contact information for Recreation, Fitness and Sports at 8Wing CFB Trenton - WELCOME!

 PSP Community Recreation

RecPlex (Community Recreation Main Desk)
21 Namao Dr East
Astra, ON
613.392.2811 ext 3361

South Side Gym
75 Anson Ave
Astra, ON
613.392.2811 ext 7138

Front Desk Gym Supervisor
Amy Hornby
613.392.2811 ext 3662

Community Aquatics and Recreation Coordinator
Abby Refausse
613.392.2811 ext 3348

Program Coordinator Youth, Recreation and Leisure Activities
Amanda Millard
613.392.2811 ext 5230

Manager Community Recreation
Caitlin Salisbury
613.392.2811 ext 3373
PSP Fitness and Sports 
Facilities Coordinator 
Tyler Williams
613.392.2811 ext 3206
Sports Stores 
Equipment Bookings and Maintenance
613.392.2811 ext

Arena Superintendent 
Brad Doran
Arena and Sport Fields Bookings
613.392.2811 ext 3372
Fitness and Sports Administrative Assistant
Maranda McLeod
613.392.2811 ext. 4509

Military Fitness Coordinator
PT Classes, Testing Inquiries
Brittany Denneny
613.392.2811 ext. 3328

Fitness Sports and Recreation Coordinator-Alert
Rachel Carlen
613.392.2811 ext. 3372
Military Sports Coordinator
8Wing Sports Teams 
Ryan Meeks
613.392.2811 ext. 2349
Reconditioning Manager
Return to Function Referrals
Trish Ptasinski
613.392.2811 ext. 4404
Fitness and Sports Manager
Kendra Lafleur
613.392.2811 ext. 3754