If you have questions regarding Mezzanine procedures, please contact FSR Coordinators Matthew Tibbles at tibbles.matthew@cfmws.com or Ariel Whaley at whaley.ariel@cfmws.com.



Hours of Operation
PICK UP and DROP OFF  @1700 on Sunday to Friday 
OR by appointment
CLOSED Saturday (no pick up or drop offs available)

Float Dock address is 3515 McDonald Dr

When you join the PSP Plan Membership you are able to experience the best of Yellowknife through an active lens. Your PSP Plan membership gives you accesss to a variety of rental equipment year round, allowing you to view Yellowknife and surrounding areas from a different angle.

The PSP Plan is designed to help members and their families experience Yellowknife by staying active. The PSP Plan is open to all Regular Force, Reserve members, DND Civilian/NPF employees and their families. We also welcome all our retired members living in the Yellowknife area.

If you are interested in becoming a PSP Plan Member or wish to receive more information, contact PSP Manager, Tina Schauerte - schauerte.tina2@cfmws.com or FSR Coordinator Ariel Whaley at whaley.ariel@cfmws.com. 


1. Set up an account. If you already have an account, you will need to sign in and go to the Home Page.

2. From the Home Page you will need to pay a deposit fee of $100.00 for the season you are planning on renting equipment through (Spring/Summer OR Fall/Winter). Select the "Courses" tab then register for the "Rental Deposit Fee" course. 
Payments can be made online through your account, by calling the PSP Office at 867-873-0700 ext 6122 or in person with FSR Coordinators Matthew Tibbles at tibbles.matthew@cfmws.com and/or Ariel Whaley at whaley.ariel@cfmws.com in the PSP Office on the 2nd floor of the Greenstone Building. 

3. Once you have paid your seasonal deposit fee, Click on the “Facilities” tab then click the button located on the right side of the screen beside “Book Services”. You can then see what we have for rentals by using the drop-down menus for “Summer” and “Winter” and the subcategories per seasonal option.

3. Once you select what you want to rent, pickup and drop off date, enter a time of 5:00pm to 5:00pm, and click “search”. You will then see what is available for your selected dates. You will then need to input how many of each item you would like on your selected dates.  The easiest way to do this is use the “Select All” and “Apply to All” buttons at the bottom of the page, then continue to the next page. On this page, you can choose to add more items to your request by clicking "Search Again," or if you're satisfied with your request, click "Finish."

4. The final page will have your invoice. Check this over to confirm everything is correct. The FSR Coordinators will also reach out via email with confirmation that your requested pick up and drop off times can be accomodated. 

NOTE: You will pick up your rental the day of your first rental date selected at the Float Dock at 1700. You will return the equipment on the last rental date selected at 1700. For example if you rent for Friday to Monday, you will pick up Friday at 1700, and return your rental Monday at 1700.

Note: Reservations must be submitted by 1200 the day prior of your pick up date. Please sign up early for your rental.

If you do not return your rental back on time, you will be charged for an additional day of rental on your account. 
If you have questions regarding rentals, please contact FSR Coordinator Matthew Tibbles at tibbles.matthew@cfmws.com or Ariel Whaley at whaley.ariel@cfmws.com.